How To Invest In Stocks, Bitcoin, Real Estate and Gold?

Invest In Stocks Bitcoin Real Estate Gold

Going through Beginner investors remorse is absolutely normal. Everyone has these questions in their mind as a beginner, “how to invest money” or “how to invest in stocks” or “how to invest in real estate” or “how to invest in bitcoin” or the best of all “how to learn how to invest money”. Don’t feel …

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What is FIRE Movement? How to Pursue FIRE?

Financial Independence Retire Early

The FIRE movement is a new age trend that promotes the idea of having a really healthy and strong financial life to enjoy early retirement. There is no set age threshold for FIRE (Financial Independence and Retire Early). As long as it is before 65, everything is loosely called FIRE. But, most of them who …

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Don’t make this Mother of all Investing Mistakes

Investing Mistakes

Don’t make this Mother of all Investing Mistakes Some investing mistakes could cost you for life. Soccer goalkeepers saving penalty kicks often face a situation where they have just a moment to act and the ball is approaching you at high speed. It’s a difficult situation for the goalkeeper (imagine yourself in his/her shoes) while …

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