Ripple Price Prediction – XRP Price 2021, 2023, 2025, 2030

Ripple Price Prediction Review

What is Ripple? If you have ever heard of the cryptocurrency XRP, it is the one that is owned by Ripple. Bitcoin is dominating the interest and consumption in the crypto market, Ripple is one of them competing well against it. XRP is the fourth-largest cryptocurrency considering the market cap. We will be taking a … Read more

Blockchain Engineer wanted : Visa to hire specialists in Ethereum, Ripple

Blockchain Engineer

Visa wants to tap the blockchain engineer pool of talent and is seeking someone with great knowledge in Ripple, R3 and Ethereum blockchain. Per role and responsibilities described in the JD, Visa’s seeking a great fit blockchain engineer for its organization of Commercial Payments (CPO). CPO is the organization that innovates payments in the business … Read more