Zerion : DeFi Asset Manager Review

Zerion Crypto Defi Review

“Zerion is the right product to bring DeFi to a mainstream audience.” – said Brad Burnham, Venture Partner at Placeholder. Zerion is a universal non-custodial interface. It allows users to lend, invest, borrow, swap, and more with DeFi. If you are looking for your favorite crypto defi wallet to connect and manage your assets, Zerion …

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Zapper Crypto Review – DeFi Asset Management Dashboard

Zapper Crypto Review

What Is Zapper? Zapper Fi or Zapper Crypto is one of the latest crypto dealing platforms. It offers a smooth DeFi transaction. DeFi is known as decentralized finance. If you want to deal with any transaction manually through a single operator, there will be a lot of processes. Most importantly, a user will not get …

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Notional Finance Crypto Review – fCash Token – DeFi

Notional Finance Crypto Review

What Is Notional Finance? Are you planning to lend your tokens on the Ethereum blockchain? This leaves you with no option other than working with a variable rate lending on quite a number of protocols. Here, your loan interest depends on the supply as well as demand of the token. Obviously, when demand goes high, …

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Ethereum 2.0 Release Date of November 2020 Achievable

Ethereum 2.0 Release Date

Ethereum 2.0 release date is still the same November 2020 goal, as per an update from Ethereum Dev Raul Jordan. This is a much needed and much delayed improvement to Ethereum blockchain. Raul Jordan, Ethereum 2.0 dev, with Ethereum infra builder Prysmatic Labs sums up latest updates on the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap in a blog …

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Coinbase IPO 2020 : Marc Andreessen Joins Coinbase Board

Coinbase Ipo 2020

Coinbase IPO 2020 looks to be a close reality with the latest board reshuffle. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase now boasts Crypto Angel Mr. Marc Andreessen in its board of directors. Andreessen is a well known figure in Crypto space. He is the cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz and silicon-valley VC, that invest as Crypto Venture Capital Companies. …

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Yearn Finance Coinbase Pro Launch Coming Soon

Yearn Finance Coinbase

Yearn Finance Coinbase Pro launch is going to happen on 14th September,2020 which is next Monday. $YFI is a well favored governance token that fully powers the Yearn Finance Platform. Yearn.finance is a great platform that performs the role of a yield aggregator in the decentralized finance ecosystem. Coinbase Pro launch on Monday marks another …

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