How To Store Cryptocurrency Offline? 7 Best Ways To Avoid Crypto Theft

How To Store Cryptocurrency Offline

The news of Gerald Cotten dying without revealing the password to cryptocurrency storage worth $190 million in Bitcoin is still alarming to investors. The widow is unable to access the cold storage. Many others investors raise concern regarding continued hacking of digital currency.  I know some people are now panic thinking that their digital assets … Read more

Hot Wallet Vs Cold Wallet : 5 Clear Distinct Wallet Comparisons

There are a number of aspects to learn before you become a cryptocurrency holder.  Perhaps, one question that will always strike your mind while on this path is hot wallet vs cold wallet, what is the difference? Where should I store my newly acquired cryptocurrency?  There is an array of option when it comes to … Read more

What Is A Cold Wallet? 4 Effective Cold Wallet Comparisons

If you have a friend who’s into Crypto, then there is no chance they wouldn’t have told you about Cold wallet or Cold Storage at least once. Sure, they could have used another word for it or a sub type of it like hardware wallet or paper wallet or software wallet. So, What is a … Read more