Binance Smart Chain Review : Low Fee, 5 Best BSC Projects

Binance Smart Chain Review

What Is Binance Smart Chain? Before Binance Smart Chain, you have to know about Binance Chain. Binance Chain is a digital platform that allows you to do different cryptocurrency deals like buying, selling, exchanging, and more. But, it has some flaws in the back-end coding part. Binance Smart Chain is the solution to handle those … Read more

Pancakeswap Review : Uniswap SushiSwap Competitor BSC

Are you looking for a unique food-themed Defi protocol? We have the best recommendation of PancakeSwap for you, a Binance Smart Chain-based DEX. It is quite similar to Ethereum’s SushiSwap, but at the same time, it even incorporates various other features to earn handsome rewards. Let’s get into a deep discussion related to the Pancakeswap … Read more

Binance Coin Price Prediction – BNB Price 2021, 2023, 2025

Binance Coin Price Prediction

What is Binance coin? Binance coin is a cryptocurrency coin offered by Binance exchange. It trades with the BNB symbol.  It is ERC 20compliant standard coin on an Ethereum blockchain. It has a limit of maximum 200 million BNB tokens. You can buy Binance coin (BNB) from Binance US if you are from the US … Read more

Binance acquires Swipe, boosts off-ramp for Crypto

Binance Acquires Swipe

Binance acquires Swipe which enables users to hold multiple assets in their digital wallet. Additionally, Swipe enables customers to spend Crypto through its Visa debit card on the platform. You can easily pay with your Crypto anywhere Visa is accepted in the world. Swipe’s debit card has a special facility that allows users to access … Read more