Blockchain Engineer wanted : Visa to hire specialists in Ethereum, Ripple

Visa wants to tap the blockchain engineer pool of talent and is seeking someone with great knowledge in Ripple, R3 and Ethereum blockchain.

Per role and responsibilities described in the JD, Visa’s seeking a great fit blockchain engineer for its organization of Commercial Payments (CPO). CPO is the organization that innovates payments in the business to business space and maintains strategic partnerships with various financial institutions. This open role developer position will be working on a direct blockchain product for Visa and help them become pioneers in blockchain technology.

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Blockchain Engineer


The firm says applicants shall have experience in building and shipping Dapps, and must have experience working with major public and permissionless blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

Main Qualifications for the Blockchain Engineer role

  1. Must have more than 2 years of software development experience with Dapps
  2. Exhibit passion for Fintech solutions in combination with open source software (OSS) and blockchain
  3. Also, they expect you to have software development experience in Fintech for more than 8 years


Is Visa utilizing Ripple or Ethereum?

Visa’s vision is to create a blockchain product that supports payments infrastructure. Although, their advertisement looks for specific experience in public blockchains, they are not going to create product on public blockchain.

Similarly, their actual intention with this job posting is to have someone manage the company’s Hyperledger enterprise connection.

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In addition, Visa as an enterprise may want to promote permissioned blockchains as they want to retain control. They still don’t understand the movement is all about decentralization and permissionless blockchains. But, this is a necessary evil even though Cryptocurrency enthusiasts may not like what they hear.

Let us first get them embracing blockchain and then fight for the permissionless nature. Documentation on Hyperledger website clearly depicts the advantages of using permissioned blockchains in large enterprises.


Visa’s History With Blockchain Technology

Remember, Visa is not a new entrant in the Blockchain solution space. I see Visa’s history dating back to 2016 with a business to business connection solution using blockchain. An article on their Investor Relations website clearly explains Visa has a partnership with Chain to build their B2B Connect solution with the help of Chain Core.

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Visa is going to stick to their guns with the permissioned centralized blockchains. It is better that they are atleast building solutions on blockchain. The advantage is that your data is totally safe and private. However, the disadvantage is it is not decentralized and they can use your data in any way.

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